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Crafts & Messes
"Crystal" Ornaments
Snowflake Window Clings
Snow Muffins
Valentine's Day Recipes: Revisited

Resurrection Cookies 

(Foot!) Paintings

Baked Salt Dough Ghosts and Pumpkins
Ghost Foot Paintings (*See very end of post)
Halloween Votive Jar Candles 
Sugared Candy Corn Cookies

Corn Husk Dolls
Oobleck (green slime)

Homemade (Tightwad) Cleaners for Body and Home
Matzoh Bread Crackers
No-Sew Cloth Napkins
Roasted Red Peppers
Whole Grain Crackers
Whole Wheat No-Knead Bread

A Glass of Wine and a Sou Chef By My Side
Back to (Home)School
Bad to the Bone
Bottle Caps and Snobbery 
Card Playing Confessions 
Caution: Toothpaste Ahead
Conversations in the mini van... Lady Gaga
Conversations... Overheard
Dishwashing Helping Hands
Death of a Duck
Elvis and Sideburns
Epic FAIL or Happy Accident?
First Day of (Home)school
Good Mommy vs. Bad Mommy and the Neighborhood Kids
Hole in the Head
It's My Party and I'll...
I Will Simply Love
Jail Break
Kente Cloth and Why I Homeschool
Labor breathing techniques and Christmas presents
Let Down Your Hair
Mommy Guilt
"Quirky" Neighbors 
Rakes in the grass and Good Tidings
Should I Be Concerned? 
The Last Goodnight Moon
"The Talk" 
Toilet Bowls and Boredom 
We Got a Pet(s)!
Well, that's an hour of my life I'll never get back!

Fine Facets
A Note of Thanks.... to our air conditioning unit
A Vegetarian Who Loves Meat
Art School: Calluses
Art School: Confidence
Barbie's Endowment 
Be careful what you wish for.
Birthdays and Bananas 
Butter, A Love Story
Cellos, Footballs and Screaming Kids... Oh My
Happy Valentines Day
I Am Not Ashamed of my Cell Phone... Really, I'm Not
I am spelling challenged. 
I Don't Speak Twitter
Look Mom, No Hands!
Storm Troopers? Beer? Together? 
The Dark Side... Tweet!
Twinkies and Cocaine 
214... Would You Please STAND UP

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday 
A "Literal" Yellow
August at the Gardens
Backyard Fall
Backyard Fall Hostas
Beauty In Life Beauty In Death
Beauty is Real
Beautiful Radicchio
Bittersweet October: Red
Butterfly Confession
Cloud Gate
Creatures of Nature Displayed

Daddy Sang Bass
Earth, Green Up! 
Earth's Eye
February Snow on Snow
Follow It Down
Flying Flowers

Gentle Warnings
God's Great Alphabet
Green (2)
Gnarly Tomatoes
Hair... In Motion
Ignored Beauty
Learning To See the Ordinary 
Light Across the Water
Love of Nature

March Days
Nature is Imagination Itself
Nothing but Blue Skies
Now is Now

Old Trees
One of My Favorite Days
Ordinary Places
Our Woods

Recognizing Him
Rewards of the Simple Life
School Outdoors
Shrouded in Sables
Snowy River
Something Waits Beneath 
The Color of Winter
The Fragrance of Spring
The Lost Theology of Beauty
The Space Between

Water Lilies
Weaving Endless Harmonies
What Joy Shall Fill My Heart
Winter Cabin in the Woods
Winter Ducks
Winter on Fall
Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset, Painted Sky