Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WW: Flying Flowers

Last week I confronted my fear of butterflies head on. I went into an enclosed butterfly garden. I felt like I was in a scene from Alfred Hitchock's The Birds. Though I forgot to put on a hat, I will say that I hid behind my camera most of the time. To me, butterflies are both horrifying and beautiful. This day I think I captured a little bit of their beauty.  (And perhaps a tad bit of their horror.)

. . .

"The butterfly is a flying flower. The flower a tethered butterfly."
 ~Ponce Denis Ecouchard Lebrn


  1. Fear of flying in a different guise :-)

    You made me realize that I go by appearances, but totally. Very shallow. Why do I think this: I hate moths, am scared of them and avoid them. But I love pretty butterflies and it wouldn't occur to me that anybody could be scared of them.

    Your pictures are lovely and I am glad you went in there for us if not for yourself, at first anyways.

  2. Nice job at capturing the details on their wings.