Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's My Party and I'll...

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to not do anything if I want to! 

My six year old daughter is awfully cute. I mean, all three of them are, but there is something about that youngest one with her corkscrew blonde curly hair and glasses that tug at your heart. She can also be very persuasive if she wants to be.

She has requested that I make a homemade birthday cake for my birthday today. (She tells me that I make the best cake.)

She also thinks that her and her brother and sister should not have to do homeschool today. (After all, it is my birthday and she feels I should get the day off of teaching.)

She has also requested homemade cinnamon rolls, made by me, for my birthday. (Or pancakes, or french toast, or waffles. She made it clear that she was really fine with any of those options.)

She also mentioned something about going to Chuck E. Cheese's.

But I say....

It's my party and I will not do any of those things! 

.  .  .

But she is awfully cute,

and persuasive,

and she is the youngest,

and there are those cute blonde corkscrew curls.

Perhaps I'll have to give into just one of her requests.

.  .  .

Or not.


  1. Happy Belly Button Anniversary!! I hope your day is filled with love & laughter!!

  2. Happy Birthday! :) My daughter is the same way on my birthday. And my husbands. And her own. :)

  3. Happy birthday! I did make a cake for my birthday. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been one!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Don't cave on the Chuck E. Cheese!! ;) That would NOT be a Mother's first choice, any day, but on her BIRTHDAY?? No way!! She's adorable...Good job Mom!! :)

    an affair from the heart

  5. I LOVE that picture. OYyyyy. Happy birthday! xo