Saturday, December 11, 2010

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

I've never been a fan of sweet potatoes, but the health benefits of them vs. regular white potatoes kept be searching for a recipe I liked.  

Then I discovered making sweet potatoes, the savory way.

I was hooked.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes:

(sorry, I don't have exact measurements for this- just do it to taste)

450 degrees F.
a few sweet potatoes, diced
a few cloves fresh garlic, minced
a sprinkle of dried thyme
a sprinkle of sea salt
a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes
a few glugs of extra virgin olive oil
Toss and roast in a pan, stirring ever few minutes, for about 40 minutes.

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  1. Well, I must confess to having a personal aversion to sweet potatoes, but after reading this post, I am going to try to give them a second chance! Thanks!