Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Labor breathing techniques and Christmas presents

The ant farm given in the middle of winter.

Option 1: "Free ants!" ($5 shipping fee and 6 weeks delivery.)
Option 2: "Free ants!" (Just wait until spring and for all the snow to melt.)

The pot holder weaving kit.

Fine print: Not to be used as a pot holder.

And I believe our lives would have gone on just fine if we had never discovered what a Squinkie was.

Now I 'discover' them EVERYWHERE.  And in EVERY room of the house.

I begin my Lamaze labor breathing techniques when I see the 100's of mini My Little Pony pieces scattered around the family room.


And then there is always the 'why does it hurt when I walk?  Oh there is a lego stuck to the bottom of my foot.'

Boy am I glad our days of being concerned about choking hazard toys are gone!

But they love it all.

And it could have been worse.

We could have ended up with these.

And I know after 5 minutes of having to listen to that. (<have a listen)

I'd end up like this.

Enough said.

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  1. . . . .. Discovering Polly Pocket parts that have gone, ahem, through. And are causing the traffic jam in the WC. Because 5 children, holding their noses, are crammed in there peering in the toilet, and giggling until they're crying. . . . . . .