Monday, June 18, 2012

Garlic Bread Salad with Red Pepper Caper Vinaigrette

I really had no rhyme or reason when creating this salad. I had a loaf of artisan Italian bread I needed to use up and I was curious how chopped up garlic bread would be in a salad instead of traditional croutons. As you can guess, it turned out to be delicious! The garlic bread was crispy on the top and tender underneath. The salad dressing soaked up quickly into the garlic bread pieces but still had a bit of a crunch.

For the salad I took a 1/2 batch of my Easy Garlic Toast and cut it into 1-inch chunks. I tossed those with a mixture of curly leaf, red leaf, and arugula lettuce. For vegetables I used diced up red and yellow pepper along with a cucumber and some chopped artichoke hearts. For protein I added in some white beans.

Add chopped tomato, avocado, hard boiled egg or whatever you would like to this salad. Anyway you make it, this salad is sure to be delicious when topped with this wonderful recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Caper Vinaigrette!

Roasted Red Pepper Caper Vinaigrette
(adapted from: Katlyn's Kitchen)
((Printable Recipe))

1 (3 ounce) jar capers, drained and rinsed under water
1 clove garlic, minced
1 1/2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 roasted red pepper, chopped
1/4 cup flat leaf parsley
1/3 cup Star Red Wine Vinegar
1 cup Star Extra Virgin Olive Oil
salt to taste

1. Place all the ingredients except the olive oil in a food processor. Process all the ingredients until well blended.

2. While the food processor is turned on, pour the olive oil in a steady stream through the tube attachment, until the vinaigrette is emulsified.

3. Adjust the dressing for seasoning. (I found the dressing did not need any additional salt because of the capers and dijon.)

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  1. Wow. the red pepper caper vinaigrette sounds tasty and bread in a salad soaking up the dressing, nothin better.

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