Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of (Home)School

I've seen some fantastic photos on Facebook this past week of my friends' kids wearing their backpacks and climbing on school buses- big smiles on their faces. I've been reading so many posts about how moms can not wait for school to start so they can enjoy a clean, quiet house and a cup of coffee.

We've homeschooled right from the starting block. I've never experienced the silence—the peace and tranquility of a morning to myself with a newspaper and a cup of coffee.  I don't know what it is like to clean the house in the morning and have it remain clean until the kids get off the school bus in the afternoon.

What I do know, is a house that is always filled with activity and multitasking. Whether it's me kneading bread while going over spelling words, running back and forth between rooms answering school questions while wearing yellow rubber cleaning gloves or holding my youngest in my lap while another child reads aloud to me—that is my day. I clean the house (mopping floors, vacuuming, picking up toys, wiping down counter tops) every morning and I do it again in the afternoon and again in the evening. I play judge and juror all day long. I grade homework while chopping onions for dinner.

My work never, ever, ends (and I know that can be said for every mom.)

But I'm not complaining.   I wouldn't give up this time I have with them for anything. It has been the hardest job I have ever undertook, but I'm up for the challenge.

So while I'm enjoying all the back to school photos from my friends, I thought I'd share of few of mine.

Our first day "back to school" was spent at the park with a few other homeschool friends. We had a picnic, went on a hike, climbed some trees and dissected an owl pellet.

So no, you won't see any cute backpack photos here.  You'll just see my son dissecting some gnarly masses of bone, feathers, hair, teeth and exoskeletons of mice, moles and shrews that were regurgitated by an owl.

(Cool and gross... right?)

And no walking up the school bus steps, just walking along stones in a creek.

But I'd say the year is starting off on the right foot.

Enjoy your school year and the peace and/or chaos that fills your day.

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  1. As a single, working mother who never has a clean house or a quiet morning, I have to say that I'm jealous you get to spend the day with your children! Hats off to you for accepting the challenge of homeschooling. It can't be easy, but I'm sure the rewards are great.

  2. Great post! I've considered homeschooling in the past, and very seriously thought we would be this year, but once again the Lord provided tuition for Destiny (my 8 yr old)to attend the Christian school where I graduated from. With a 4, 3 and 1 yr old I have to admit, I was a bit relieved!!! :) I miss my school girl and would still like to think someday, I'll be allowed the blessing of spending all day with my kiddos!

  3. We started out homeschooling-on days when school went like what you've described I told myself I would never put my kids in public school...but then you have the "other" days when all is not so great, and then you find out you are pregnant and then you realize you need to up your hours at work and then you spend 6 months agonizing over whether or not you should send you kids to public school or continue in homeschool...and then you get an answer and all is right with the world.

    Thank goodness for the opportunity to make choices right?! I miss it almost everyday (especially when I'm running around like a crazy mom trying to get the kid's lunches together and finding lost shoes before carpool gets here. :)

    In short...if pictures of kids in backpacks and at school bus stops are the only thing you're missing out on...then your GOOD! Keep it up.

  4. Ha! I homeschool my daughter and we started two weeks ago. Guess what we did on our first day back to school? Yep, we dissected owl pellets!! In one owl pellet she found 5 rodent skeletons!

  5. Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed perusing your blog. My mom sent me a link to one of your recipes that she thought I would like and I ended up reading much of your blog. My husband and I are raising our 10 month old daughter (and hopfully more to come) on our sailboat. Cloth diapers drying on the lifelines in various locations are some of my favorite pics of our boat. Home schooling is on my mind and I loved reading about your multi-tasking. I am a multi-tasker by nature and thrive when doing many things at once so your blog about this made me smile. Looking forward to following you on FB. Thanks for the encouragement! Nicole Midence,

  6. Dee, that is so funny that you ended up doing the same thing!

    Nicole, thank you for stopping by and telling me about how you found my blog- that means so much. We used to have cloth diapers draped over every railing in our house and my mom would come over and say it looked like a laundry mat. :) Having class on a sailboat sounds like it would be filled with amazing learning opportunities!

  7. We started four weeks ago, so that we can be done when the weather is still relatively nice. We also have a couple of trips planned, too which will cut into the school schedule. One of them happens to be called "the most magical place on earth." Kids are excited.

  8. Home school is awesome,if you can. Glad to see it is working for you. It takes so much dedication, not to mention all the other chores you must have. You inspire so many.