Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beautiful Things (Through My Eyes)

Four years ago I went in for a routine eye exam and walked out of the office devastated. My retina was on the verge of becoming detached. Though normally this is a fixable problem, mine was in a very atypical place and I was very fortunate to have a great doctor who was able to locate it (because I was having no symptoms that anything was wrong.)  The problem was that because of the atypical location, if it became detached, it would be beyond repair and I would be blind.  Since it was on the verge of being detached at any moment, I was scheduled for emergency surgery.

Vision problems are nothing new in my family. My mom has been dealing with issues for a good portion of her life. Technically legally blind now (not to be confused with total blindness), my mom has never "seen" the faces of her grandchildren.  Though a bitter pill to swallow, that hasn't stopped her from "seeing" and enjoying them through the time she spends with them on a weekly basis.

The eye specialist was able to repair my eye. But after four years new concerns are beginning to arise.  Every morning I wake up thanking God that I can see. I thank God I can see my children and see to teach them. I thank God for the eyes he has given me to see this amazing world he has created and for the ability he has given me to photograph it.

In the coming month, the following song will be played by a talented group of singers and musicians that I am fortunate enough to preform with.

Here is my first attempt at creating a video montage of the beautiful things God has allowed me to see through my eyes.

I hope you'll to take the time to "see" something beautiful today, and to thank God for it.

Beautiful Things by Gungor

God saw all that he had made and it was very good. Genesis 1:31


  1. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for the ability to see the beautiful things I see every day. And to take the time to see them. I really love the song too ...

  2. AMAZING, INSPIRING, BREATHTAKING...few words that come to mind...BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. I thought this was such a beautiful post. Such a tribute to God as well as your own Mother. I think God is always looking for ways to remind us that we are special to Him and we are precious. We have children to learn that love can be overwhelming and completely unconditional and it reminds us that the love we have for our children is only a fraction of how much God loves us. He gives us gifts that are meant to be shared with others so that we learn that God is always present in everything we do. You are special J and God loves you enough to remind you of the precious gifts you have been given in Him and your family and your talents. Even if your eyesight is lost, he has given you so much more, His undying love, the love of your family and children and a Mother who probably "sees" more now than she ever did before...God Bless you. You are an amazing woman!

  4. {Tears} Such a beautiful post and an awesome reminder of all we have to be thankful for. Praying for miraculous healing from The Healer Himself!!!! Hugs, T

  5. I'm not able to see the video. I really want to!

  6. What a wonderful job! Thank you for putting that together!

  7. Breathtaking! Nice song, video and gorgeous pictures. Thank you for taking the time.