Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(Not Quite Wordless) Wednesday: Our Woods

Our family is often out hiking in the woods.  Our favorite forest preserve we have affectionately called: 'Our Woods'.

We will hike there every season and have even trudged through 4+ feet of snow to enjoy Our Woods and the beautiful river hidden within it.

On every hike, in every season, I can take hundreds of photos and come up empty handed.

That would have been the case on this most recent hike had it not been for my son saying, "Hey mom, look at the water droplets on this plant.  I think this would make a great photo!"

I think he was right.

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  1. Yes, he was right, fabulous photo !
    I used to love it when walking with my son and having him point out things to photograph .. he is not a bad photographer himself, now that he is all grown up and older than I ..

  2. what an amazing shot!!!!
    good eye, kid! :)

  3. It's beauftiful! Looks like he's following in his mama's footsteps! :D