Friday, June 10, 2011

Caution: Toothpaste Ahead

Two things I never like to hear come out of the bathroom while my kids are brushing their teeth:



I have three children. After they've brushed their teeth for the morning I need a pair of these...

And a big tub of these...

I don't know what goes on in that bathroom and I don't think I want to know.  But how so much toothpaste ends up in strange places is beyond me.

I have this rule:

***Only 1 child in the bathroom at a time.  The other 2 must stand in a line outside the bathroom and wait till child number 1 is finished brushing their teeth.

Great rule, isn't it?  I'll let you take it and implement it in your own home.

You're welcome.

I'll admit, sometimes I'm busy mopping up the morning breakfast messes and forget to enforce this rule.  I'm honestly not sure if it even cuts back on the messes.  But I do know it cuts back on the giggling.  And trust me as an experienced mother here, three kids giggling in a bathroom is never, ever, a good thing.

The stressful thing is, that the kids' bathroom is also the guest bathroom.  I've been considering forgoing the cute little rubber duck theme I've got going on and replacing it with a yellow and black 'caution tape' motif.

Well, I need to go clean the toothpaste off the ceiling now.

(Only kidding.)

(Or am I?)


  1. Love it! The bathroom is the scariest room of the house! :)

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