Saturday, June 4, 2011

Art School: Calluses

I was thinking today about how 'well' we all take criticism. I'm always right, I'm assuming you are too?  When I was getting my degree in Studio Art, critiques were a common thing. Professors and peers would point out your strengths and weaknesses. Generally, it was a time to point out the weaknesses.

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Pointing out each other's weaknesses can be challenging.  Taking the criticism can be even more challenging. I'd like to think I've built up my share of calluses through life. Calluses hurt, but if we choose to, we can use them to learn and make us stronger.

One thing I have learned (setting my early sarcasm from above aside) is that I do not know everything. There is always somebody out there who knows more. Years ago when I was working as a display artist I dealt with a boss who "knew it all." She was very quick to point out my every flaw. It was draining to say the least, and I resented her and her critiques of my work. But after we sat down and talked, I learned that the reason she was so 'hard on me' was because she saw so much potential in me and wanted to teach me everything she could so I could move on to better things.

Are we taking the calluses in life and choosing to learn from them? Or, are we letting anger and resentment be the callus that build within us.

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  1. True. I think we always need to remind ourselves of this lesson and teach our children to grow from calluses in life and not let it bring them down.