Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We got a pet(s)!

For any of my friends that know me- the above statement makes them laugh.

A brief back history:

1. I can't stand dogs, although I can appreciate other people's dogs (sometimes).  When I was in grade school, a friend that I was walking home with was attacked by a dog.  Apparently I still suffer a bit of traumatization from that.  My parents eventually got a dog when I was in high school, and after a few years, I grew to love him.  I think I may have even cried when he died.

2. Fish smell to "fishy".

3. We had gerbils for a few brief weeks when I was a child.  We learned the hard way that daddy eats the babies.  Then there was the time the babysitter decided to let them loose all over the house......

4. I grew up in a house with cats.  I love cats.  But the "neat freak" I have become as an adult has led me to not want to have to deal with the smell and mess of animals.  (That, and having three kids at home all day is enough of a mess for me.)

But I finally loosened up a little as a mother.  (YAY ME!)

Yes, I must say, my daughter's pet(s) are the perfect fit for our family.

They're quiet.
They don't smell.
They involve no walking.
They're low maintenance.  In fact, they pretty much take care of themselves.

Their home doubles as a night light.

And you can cuddle with them if you wish.

What more could you want from a pet?


  1. You have got to find and read "The Perfect Pet" by Margie Palatini!! :) It's a children's book that I'm sure your kids will appreciate too!

  2. Hey J!

    Awww... c'mon girl! It's time to get brave!

    Check out It's guilty late night browsing (like a catalog) of dear pets that need a home.

    You can pick a certain kind of cat you like (longhair, shorthair, tuxedo, calico, abysinnian...!)

    I fell in love with a few... even out of state... and that became part of their marvelous backstories! Wouldn't trade them for the world! Though the husband sure would! :)

    Homeschooling + cats = tons of fun!!

  3. A friend of mine in AZ doesn't like pets, either. But she is thinking about letting her son, who LOVES animals to have a couple of chickens and maybe a dwarf goat so that they could get something out of them, like goat's milk, eggs and fertilizer 8-0. It isn't a big deal in my neighborhood, but I am guessing that your neighbors might not like it ;-).