Monday, April 25, 2011

214, would you please STAND UP?

Business men drink my blood.... like the kids in art school said they would.....

Yes, I was a kid in art school.....

..... and  these are lyrics to an Arcade Fire song.  I felt that since they were mentioned in my 'about me' here on my blog it was only fitting to write a short post about them.  

Daddy D and I are regular concert goers.  We usually frequent lesser known bands in much smaller venues.  I actually avoid large venues with seats at all costs.  But when I saw two of my favorite bands, The National AND Arcade Fire were coming together, I knew I'd have to let my "seat issue" go.

We logged on for tickets the second they became available.  Within seconds the first show sold out.  But, we did manage to get seats for the second show.

Yes.... seats.  Not standing on the main floor like I had hoped.... but seats.  Not just seats, but seats in section 214.  Let me just say, if you are afraid of heights or suffer from vertigo, section 214 is NOT where you want to be.  Fortunately I suffer from neither.

When the concert began, everyone stayed in their seats.  How could anyone listen to amazing music and stay seated?  It was beyond me.  Doesn't your body just need to move and jump?  A chair is like a straight jacket for me.

A couple of people began to stand.

This was sad.... so I stood.  My friend and husband stood too.

Who was that crazy blonde woman dancing and screaming in section 214?  Yes, that was me.  But let me say, by the end of the song, all of section 214 was on their feet.

I wish I could say the same for sections 213- 201.  But section 214, thank you for forgoing the shackles of your chair.

You 'did me proud'.


  1. Awesome! Sounds like you guys helped others to have a great time! :)

  2. Hahaha - love that post. No matter how old we get, you gotta keep that teenage spirit inside you. Ok, that probably sounded too much like Nirvana..LOL. And now, I'm showing my age. Can you believe it's been 20 years since Smells like Teen Spirit came out. Sheesh - how time flies.
    Anyway, great job 214 and to their blond ringleader ;o)

  3. Ha- yes Brandi.... I think concert going is my wrinkle cream. ;) My husband and I felt so old among all the teenagers. We felt better that we were at least as old as those IN the band. :) And I love your Nirvana reference.... I heard a D.J. on the radio talking about how smells like teen spirit was the best album ever. He then went on to say he was about 9 when Kirk C. died. Talk about feeling old!