Friday, January 7, 2011


I think I sprained my big toe the other day.

It hurts.

I would appreciate as much sympathy as I can possibly drum up at this time.

Thank you.

While googling ideas of how to treat a sprained toe, I learned that a sprain can be caused by the following:

- sports injury
- stopping suddenly while running
- dancing
- poor coordination

They failed to mention that it can be caused by a five year old jumping into your bed while you're still sleeping.

And again I say, ouch.

No, these are not my toes.  But while on the subject of toes.....

.... I could really go for some little skull and cross bones on my toes this summer.


  1. you have my sympathy and I too want the skull and crossbones decals! Hope it gets better soon!!!

  2. I was hoping you'd see those cute little piggies. :)

  3. Ouch! Sympathy deserved!

  4. I think you should put the skull and crossbones only on the broken toe.
    Feel better.
    Linda S.

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