Friday, January 14, 2011

Jail Break

The other day I was driving and over my shoulder my nine year old son proceeded

to give me a list of ways he would escape prison if he ever needed to.

The list was long.....

                     .... and detailed.

He had obviously given this a great deal of thought.

I told him, that instead of thinking up so many ways to escape prison,

why don't you think of ways you can avoid from ever having to end up there

in the first place.

His response:

"Good idea mom."

Now you may be asking yourself: Why is this blog worthy?

Because, my son said I had a good idea.


      ....the mother of a nine year old...

               ...who has the answers to all of life's questions....

...had a good idea.


You have to enjoy these moments as they come.


  1. It's a nice post :) I was reading about that escaping from jail and laughing :)

  2. Glad it gave you a laugh. :)
    Kids say the funniest things sometimes.

  3. There is never a dull day with boys around! - Rachel
    A fellow Christ-following, husband-loving, mother of two (not brave enough for three). :)