Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy Corn Husk Dolls (step by step)

So after Saturday's delicious meal of homemade tamales, it left us with a load of left over corn husks.

The three J's and I have been reading The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Needless to say, it seemed only appropriate to make some corn husk dolls.

If your corn husks are really dry.  Soak them in a bowl of water, shaking off the water and blotting dry as you use them.

Start with taking four husks, about the same size, and stack them.

Next, tie the top off with string.

With scissors, trim and round off the top above the string.

Turn the "doll" upside down, holding by the "head", and start peeling the sides down- kind of like a banana.

Keep pulling down and around and tie off with a string.

Take another piece of husk, smooth it flat and roll it up tightly like a jelly roll.  Tie off the two ends.  This will be the arms.

Slip the arms between the layers of the "body".

Tie off with a piece of string just below the arms.

Wrap a narrow piece of husk over and around the neck, crossing at the chest.

Take several narrow pieces of husk (ripping large ones if needed) and place the wide end at the waste.  Tie off with string at the waist.

Group the husks hanging down in half and tie off to form legs.

Stop here if you want to make a boy.  For a girl, take a few large husks, placing the narrow ends at the waste, and tie off with a string.

Little J wanted a face on hers.

Our corn husk family.

My son insisted on making a corn husk gun for his doll.