Monday, November 22, 2010

I am NOT ashamed of my cell phone. Really, I'm not....

.... seriously, I'm not.  Am I convincing you yet?

My cell phone does not flip or slide.
It does not take photos or send emails.
I cannot access my facebook account.
It has little buttons that you actually have to push- no fancy, sleek touch screen.
I think the phone texts, but I don't know how.
If you leave me a voice mail, I'll never check it.  (Because, well, see the reason why I never text.)
I have no Apps (and I'm not sure what an App really is.)
The phone randomly decides to shut off whenever it feels like it.
I have about 5 ring tones to choose from and a knock off version of Tetris.
I pay $.25 for every outgoing and incoming call. (So if you call me, you owe me a quarter.)
Did I mention it has a flashlight feature?

But I really am not ashamed of my cell phone.  Really, I'm not....

..... because this is the monstrosity I talked on at one point in time.

So really, I'm not ashamed of my cell phone.

It fits in my back pocket.
And that is all I need.

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  1. Thanks for making me feel less ashamed of the pay-per-call phone that I "lug" around! :) I think I really frustrate all my text-ing/app-ing friends and family that I choose not to. And I remember that "monstrosity", seems like you had it at BC at some point.